ive heard about soloing over scales and soloing over chords..

personally i learn a scale in all its positions(thats what i call them at least.. each "position" has its root on a diff string).. then i move up and around the fretboard accordingly.

i guess that means i solo over a scale...

what does it mean to solo over a chord (or chord shape.. cant remember where i heard of this)?

and what approach do you guys take to soloing?
This is what I do. Make a riff up, add some good hammer on scale notes and bam you go from there up the scale or back to the riff or whatever
You kill random people on the street by stabbing them, and than you will know how to solo. Just kiding.. I'll tell you what you need to know to get started. Ok, people use scales to solo, the notes in the scales are what they solo with. You solo over top of chords playing in the background ussually although u can still solo without them. The first scale everybody l4earns to solo is the minor pentatonic. Look it up theres tons of tabs for it, than fool around with those notes, at firsty it will sound like shit but you will eventually get it. Next ripp out one of your favorite songs, find out what key it is in, than play the minor pentatonic in that same key overtop of the song. Hope that helps
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