I was woundering how alder bodies are for metal Im thinking of buying and alder Rhoads?
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Yes, Alder is great for metal, though it's bright, so I'd only play an alder body if I was doing lead.
Bright sounding wood. I like its sound. get a guitar with this type of body, and the right amp and your tone is set.
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threadstarter, thanks for posting this. I was wondering the same thing about alder because it is in most top of the line jacksons and is in the deluxe american fenders.
depends on pup. If you put in a bright sounding pup like the jb in one alder body guitar you get a harsh in your face bite. put in a low end sounding pup if kinda sounds middy
I traded in my Real Books for Robbins and Cotran Pathology Textbooks
The alder will make you stick out in a band pretty easily, with lots of bite.
If I dare, I could compare it to Fender Strat, with Alder.

Alder is also good for 12 piece insane deathgrindcore bands where there are 2 drummers, 2 vocalists, 4 bassists and 4 guitarists and you are trying to stand out.
lol i love the preconception that Rhoads is made for metal. Haha.

Don't assume anything. What are the pickups in it? what amp are you going to use it through?

Alder bodies are great for metal though. I have a g-310 with a SH-4 JB in the bridge. Through an EH metal muff, it's pretty fantastic