Hey i was just wondering if anyone has any experience with the fender tc-90 thinline. I was dead set on an SS tele but now i have seen this i am not too sure. This is because i have always wanted the versatility of p-90s, like in this model, but i love the tele look, this appears to have both.

I was just wondering the usual basically, how good are the cleans? is it versatile? Good with overdrive and distortion? Suitable for rock, indie, punk, blues? Reliable, etc.

I mostly play stuff like libertines, the jam, rhcp, strokes, futureheads, oasis, blur, graham coxon, the kinks, the clash, kooks, arctic monkeys, the who. I am heavily influenced and write stuff myself in similar genres, like punk, indie, rock, pop, etc.

I just want general opinions hopefully based on experience before i move on to trying to track down a model i can test drive.

Cheers for your help guys!

Here's a link if you haven't seen it:

it has proper Seymour Duncans in it and all the other specs seem to tick the tone box so go for it.

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I've seen Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World use one live before; When I asked him about it he talked about how using a heavier string gauge made it sound really great.
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My friend forced my to play one because he was like "DiS G33taR i5 teh 8ac0n 4nd dah c0l0r pwn2 ur SG." It felt nice to play and its sounds pretty sweet.
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