Im getting a 90w amp in like a week. And my uncle is getting it from a pawn shop. Its called a Yorkville Stage G90 and i cant find it on google anywhere. Its going to be better than my 9w thats for sure lol. To my calculations 10x better Has anyone ever used one? and what did you like about it
It'll be twice as loud. Common misconception is that if you just multiply the wattage you can multiply volume. 10x wattage doesn't equal 10x better. That being said, I don't know the amp, so it could be 10x better.
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Never heard of them tbh. and louder doesnt mean better! lol.. Guess you'll have to wait and see!
i tried to find this on ebay and google and I came up with nothing.... and the more watts necessariyl isnt going to be a "better" amp, louder but no really better lol. but its yours now so youcan grow to it no matter what and hopefully its tube cuz you can prolly get some good tones out of it cuz im getting its somewhat old. tell us how it is when u get it im interested in wtf it is lol
More wattage doesn't necessarily mean it's better. Look at the Fender Metalhead: 500 watts of shit in a box.

I've heard of yorkville products but I don't know if it's any good.
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yeah Its like something iv never heard of. And i need more wattage cause if im going to be doing gigs and playing at school for upcoming talent shows yeah i need a good one. my uncle told my mom that it was sweet and loud so im hoping for the best.
ya man good for you itll prolly be great. send up pics when u get it or like soundclips cuz i havent heard of this company. little do we know it could be like a vintage like god amp haha
yeah ahahha my uncles getting it half price for like 160 so iunno Half price at a pawn shop sounds kinda suspicious
thats a stage 100 maybe mine is like a rare amp or something... i want those features of the g100 tho it sounds SWEET
oh well mines like a crappy robson amp at the moment so i cant wait to get at least 90 wattz lol even if the new amps crappy It wont matter cause my boss ds-1 pwns any amp
better damn well be a step up lol Im expecting to make myself rich with it for awhile once my band is all formed and we get gigs