what type/combo of guitar does jake e lee have when he was with ozzy.? (the white one with black pick guard)
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its a fender hardtail strat.

originally sunburst, but was painted by a roomate of his who worked for the charvel paint shop, hence the charvel sticker on the headstock.
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He used a bunch, Fenders, ESPs, and Gibsons.
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The white with black pickguard strat style guitar he used was a Charvel. If you watch the home video The Ultimate Ozzy, you will see it.
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Does anyone know what pick-ups he used in his white Fender Strat?

EDIT: Thanks bucky_2300
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I'm assuming a Seymour Duncan JB, because that was the pickup du jour in the 80s, and two stock singles.
jake e lee is a legend he looks kool as **** as well

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