New song finished, Eleanor Rigby's Funeral. Obviously, inspired by the Beatles song. Crit for crit!

Eleanor Rigby's Funeral
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That is probably my favorite Beatles song, I love the strings in it; Anyway the vocals for Eleanor Rigby's Funeral are pretty interesting sounding, you've got a decent voice, much better than anything I could sing :-) The guitar sections around 1:20 and 3:30 were nice, though I think you need to turn it up a little, pan the guitars out or something; You had a kind of symphonic sound to the whole thing, the string piece in the background was nice; I take it you didn't actually have a bunch of people in the background playing that part, if you did my apologies, but if you didn't what software did you use? Or did you use a synth? Either way it sounded great; I wouldn't say this is my style of music, but I wouldn't say it's not either; It's kind of that median between the two, it's got elements I like and elements I didn't; To be honest I didn't really care for the vocals, I didn't have anything against them I suppose, they just weren't my preference is all; I can see that you're a great musician and that you devoted a lot of time to this, and it came out great; Nice job overall!

not bad , guitar was played very nicely but need to be turned up in some parts, and the singin was very good keep it up

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Sounding good....needs a little polish maybe
Reminds me of Nirvanas all apologies somehow... nice bits in it although the keyboard sounded like it was straying off key sometimes...good stuff tho
This is pretty cool...kinda trippy. I liked it even though it's not really my style. I don't understand why it's called Eleanor Rigby's funeral, though. The guitar parts sound kind of metal, too. This does kind of remind me of the beatles' more trippy stuff. Good job. This is very strange, which got my attention in a good way. Thanks. Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091 Good singing, too, btw.
Thanks to all for critiques. The connection to the beatles' song, if you recall the lyrics, "Eleanor Rigby/ Died in the church and was buried along with her name/ Nobody came." The song, which I wrote, but my girlfriend sings on, is a hypothetical, a story about the scene painted in the Beatles' song. The keyboard strings I used as a stylistic reference, as the original song was only played with vox and strings. I'm glad you enjoyed it, trippy and weird was what i was going for!