does anyone else listen to alexisonfire?? cause i bought some of there stuff and i think they're a rele good band....opinions??
they are good sometimes there intros are to long though
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I Love My Big Muff

They grind on me after a while... a few good songs, but not bad.
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they are a post hardcore band.

but yea, i think they are great...i was impressed with crisis...thought it would be worse than it was.
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They're usually covered in here ASAIK.

Great band, Crisis let me down but I loved Watch out and the s/t. Saw them live in 2003 or something.
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there intros are to long though
thats true of maybe only pulmonary archery and 44 caliber love letter, although i dont agree that they are TOO long.
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well its not like they should be in the hardcore forum.

let me rephrase myself.

Instead of discussing where they belong, how about we discuss how amazing Dallas and George are?

I love Alexis to death, I even liked Crisis, which surprised me.

Favourite song has to be Pulmonary Archery.

+the intros aren't too long at all.
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How am I being or trying to be fabulous/glamorous?

^Hey your band isnt too bad. Which one are you?

And Pulmonary has gotta be my fave song too. That and Little girls pointing and laughing.
^haha, thanks, I think. I play guitar. (p.s is that your band in your sig?)

+I wanted tickets for Alexis' show in the UK, but no-one could go with me (to stay on-topic).
there is no fear in this heart.

How am I being or trying to be fabulous/glamorous?

I checked out thier new album yesterday. One of the best album's i've heard this year so far. Then again it came out last year so I still have to search for some more good new music this year. Alexisonfire is a great band for the record.

as a huge alexis on fire fan i am obligated to say it, it is garbage.
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yeah their new stuff isnt the worst thing since un-sliced bread

but their old stuff is the sexxx

Little Girls Pointing And Laughing = mmmmmmmmmm
i'm not a big fan... but when i saw them headline with ETID they did pretty good... i guess Dallas is the only thing I have against them.

I like TCBAITW though... cool song... Boiled Frogs is decent too.
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