If you have, I REALLY need your help. Ok, so I was sick all of the week before last week. There was a test on the book (summer reading) and luckily, the teacher allowed me to take a take home test over the weekend. I never read it, so I'm really ****ed. Please please please, these seem like very simple questions. I just never read it. I only have to pick 4 of the questions. PLEASE help me out. I'm already ****ing up this semester big time.

Directions say questions 1 needs to be at least 20 sentences, but it counts as 2.

1. For the following individuals (choose 3), identify:
-relation to Okonkwo - Knowledge
-thoughts of Okonkwo - Analysis
-Okonkwo's thoughts of them - Analysis
-what happened to them in the story - Comprehension


2. Define Protagonist. Would Okonkwo, Umuofia, or neither be the protagonist in this novel? Justify your response with details from the story.

3. The plot of Things Fall Apart is guided by conflicts that affect Okonkwo's family and clan. Choose three different types of conflicts (man vs. ___), each from a different section of the novel (Part I, Part II, Part III). Explain why Achebe includes this particular conflict to show his readers and its overall effect on the story.

4. Explain how the religion of Okonkwo's people and the Christianity that Mr. Brown brings compare. Include a minimum of 2 examples from the text.

5. Explain the importance of family to the people of Umuofia and the surrounding villages. Include three examples. (once from Okonkwo's family, one from another family, and one from general society)

6. Select three of the following terms: colonialism, native, settler colony, hedgemony, colonial discourse. Define each term and explain how it does not relate to Things Fall Apart Use at least 2 specific details from the novel.

7. Write a paragraph the district Commisioner would write about Okonkwo for his book.

8. Did the people of *****ia treat the whites as represtented in this book fairly? Explain your answer using examples from the text.


I will be forever greatful!

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