Just got the White Les Paul custom as my first electric, just wondering what people have to say about this guitar.....and if anybody has complaints about it?
I love lps.
What's the exact model and how much did it cost ya?
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as my first electric

Please tell me you've been playing acoustic avidly for 5 years or something. Especially if it's a Gibson.
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For a first guitar?...you must be loaded...
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One of my students bought a $2500 Gadow as his first electric about two weeks after he started playing a $1400 classical. It's not uncommon, really.
yes it is common, if all of your students are millionares
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What amp?

Probably a JCM of some sort, too.

Great first guitar, even if it's an Epi...
nice purchase.

allthough i kinda agree, a standard would have more than done the job for years, hell i cant even make a standard sound good and ive been playing for 2 years almost, granted thats acoustic, but still.

anyhow, congrats and enjoy it.

Well I've been playing acoustic for about 10 years, just never picked up an electric guitar. Adn for the model Its the White Les Paul Custom with two Gold Plated Humbuckers, gold tuning keys and everything. I just a bought a little Traynor amp with it for 150$ cause I cant play loud in my apartment anyway, and no Im not loaded at all, I was gonna get a cheap ibanez or something but than I saw the Epi and fell in love so I bought right away.
Good choice on the amp. Traynors (for the most part anyway) are particularly awesome. Epi Les Pauls are hit or miss for me. Some are amazing intruments, others just feel cheap or have quality flaws. But since you've been playing for 10 years I'd guess that you probably have a pretty good idea of what a decent guitar looks, feels and sounds like, and bought accordingly.