I was at a local pawn shop and I saw this squier strat for £20, and decided I'd buy it.

It works perfectly, pickups etc are all fine and I was wondering are there any mods you think I could do. It's a 3 tone sunburst.

I was hoping to age it to look like John Frusciante's but I think the laquer on the finish will prevent me doing that. Or does anyopne know a way to do it?

Thanks guys
Take a sanding block of 100 grit and scuff it up.
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sandpaper the finish
get a nail and a hammer and lightly nick the surface
get a used teabag or some coffe grounds and rub the pickguard w/ it to give it an aged look
i saw this on the EVH exact replica strats
evh stores lit ciggaretes under the strings on his headstock
they burned the wood and gave it this awsome look there
use a match and be very careful not to light the whole thing on fire
have fun!
100 grit is too coarse. It will look fake and leave noticable valleys in the wood/finish.

Tape some finer sandpaper, maybe 400 grit, to your right arm and play. That will wear down the finish where your arm actually rests. Get a metal pick, or maybe even a quarter and play really hard, that will give you a pick groove. Neck you'll want to have the finish crack. Do this by moving the guitar body (with no electronics) back and forth from a freezer and a warm place, like the trunk of a car.

There's other stuff you can do too, but other people will be able to explain it better.
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u got a strat for 20 pounds? nice find man
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Theres a site somewhere on how to do it.

look up srv strat

it even used a squire i think
Relic it! That'd be rather cool.

Just get some sandpaper and go crazy, try and make it look convincing though.
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Relicing for morons:

1) Dissasemble the guitar compleatly

2) tie a string to one of the neck mounting screw holes

3) tie it to your belt loop

4) run up and down the street like an idiot with your guitar grinding on the concrete behind you

But seriously, if you wanna relic do a convincing job. Dont just go at it with sandpaper in random spots...
it like a big thing of keys and hit it on there lightly.. yeah, thats what they do to age them at fender
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