Haha well first off, these may be the biggest newb questions on this site but I just have to know. Ok so first I have a Peavey 6505 head, I was just wondering which ohmage to set it at? I have a marshal 1960a slant cab and I've heard from 2 different people 2 different things. Which is better, turning the switch to the lowest Ohms or Highest? Thanks And lastly I was also told that on the high gain input of the amp, that if you have a guitar with Emgs the you should use it, eitherwise just use the normal gain imput.... Which is better and does it matter if my guitar doesnt have Emgs to use that input? Thanks guys!
to match your cabinets input ohms
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any other suggestions?

That's not a suggestion.

For the best (and safest) performance you want to match your amp's output to your cab's.

The high/low gain input is just an input of different sensitivity. It really doesn't make that big of a difference at all. I always use high.