I've never really played with a violin bow, but from what I could see you have the technique down pretty well, you're really clean throughout the song and it has a generic middle eastern vibe to it, the only issue I had with it was that I found it to be pretty repetitive and after about 45 seconds I was a little bored; In some way I think you need to step it up a little, play some notes on the other strings, get some variety in there, take a more Jimmy Page-ish approach to the whole thing; That aside you've got this technique down and I really enjoyed your video, I just feel you need to step it up a little, especially a technique as "flashy" as this; How much was the bow you're using? Anyway nice job man!


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Im gonna be honest, when I first read this thread I was thinking to myself "shit, another n00b that wants to be jimmy page". I checked out your video and i have to say I was pleasantly suprised. I like the effects that you used, it actually reminded me of a sitar so it had that ethnic feel, i guess youd say. When you played those notes up the neck I actually thought it sounded like a slow version of ode to joy. I wish that you would have had more of a melody and different chords though, Anyway, the violin bow wasnt anything original but the effects and the chords made it cool to listen to. I looked at a few of your other videos, your definently a great guitar player, certainly better than ill ever be at least. Sometimes your a bit sloppy, but it is not too noticable and I had to real examine the notes you were playing. I gotta say, I really love your 5th video, do you have a tab for it? even a vague one with a few chord shapes would be great. I also really liked the video of you playing on that black strat, the 7th video i think. Really cool! But your last video was by far the coolest thing on the page. Just great, it kinda reminded me of some led zeppelin chill out songs. Great, you need to come out with an album, i would buy it

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