ibanez grx40 i want to put the hss in and i want to know the hh just for when i get a new guitar
ooh for the H-H I suggest Duncan Custom-bridge/Pearly gates-neck, especially if u play metal or hard rock. Ive got a pair in my GRX 20, an its great for metal, but its also very versatile with the pearly gates at neck.
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I got a black Les Paul, and this Texan told me it wasn't as good as other color guitars becuse it was a 'nigger.'
Okay, my pickup suggestions would be a Seymour Duncan SH-11 Custom Custom in the bridge and a SH-1 '59 in the neck. Great combo for classic rock and hard rock. However!
What kind of amp do you have? Your tone is more dependent on your amp than your pickups. Plus, you won't hear a significant difference unless it's through a decent amp.