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i just wanted to let everyone know about happened at UNC chapel hill at 12 on valentines day....a guy made a facebook group got like 400ish ppl to come to this one spot on campus "the pit" where he broke up w/ his girlfriend in front of them...its so crazy...the crowd starts chanting "slut, slut, slut...". this guy had balls. go to to find the video "the pit breakup" and facebook for a group about it "ryan burke"
Since you didn't post the link...

Pit Breakup

edit: I changed the vid, cause I know you all don't need to see 5 minutes of those lame ass chicks singing.

edit again: Nevermind, its back to the 8 minute one...
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That sounds kinda fucked up to me.

EDIT: Maybe not, she could've been a big bitch judging by the comments
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not ready to make nice...dixie chicks

and theres another video on you tube, i'll get the link later, of the guy getting interviewed after and at the end somebody ask "well what happens next" and the guy goes "well, i have a class at 1:00"
I thought this was a thread about the downfall of our beloved Pit
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I didn't catch it..but what exactly did this girl do for him to put this together?
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OWNED bitch haha
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well i was about to say well that guy is a dick but if the girl cheated on him, the even though doing that isnt the most mature thing, she probably deserved it
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Chick got verbally smacked.

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I don't think anyone's ever gone to this length to break up with their slut girlfriend. good for him.

On a side note, this girl's probably gonna kill herself.
Why the fuck are we watching from some cheap-arse digital camera when there's a student stood in a perfect position with a professional camera?

It seemed like she was the one humiliating him. Whatever, I couldn't even understand what was going on anyway.
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I dont think she got owned at all. She owned him. She kept it together, and started on him, he just stood there and took it. But its still not right to go and cheat on someone behind there back
I go to University in California and my roommate is from North Carolina. He knows that kid. And now it's here on The Pit.

How about that?


That was funny at first because it was like watching a human train wreck, but after a while it just got grotesque.

I think that she held herself very well in the ordeal, and he just came off as a jackass. I know cheating is bad, but after that, I have to side with her and say she ended up the victim. That was a vile thing for him to do. Be a man and handle private affairs in a private manner.

That man has no honour.
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I go to University in California and my roommate is from North Carolina. He knows that kid. And now it's here on The Pit.

How about that?

I live 15 minutes from UNC, such a small world.
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