So, I'm low on cash...don't care for video games anymore, and would like to sell my PSP and/or gamecube. The PSP is going to be sold with a hard NYko case, which also acts as a charger, three games (WipEout Pure, Field Commander, Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade), the memory card the came with it, the AC adapter charger thing. It has only been used a handful of times, has a few blemishes, but runs smoothly and perfectly. I can also throw in the soft padded holder, that is only there...because it looks cool I guess. Asking price: $150. I live in Indiana.
Also, if wanted, Ill throw in a silver gamecube with two memory cards, a donkey konga controller, and Donkey Konga game. That would be $70, or added on to the PSP stuff for a total of $200.

Pictures upon request, but may take awhile to get them.