Hello everyone, im after some information

1. digitech have released a brian may pedal that has 7 of his sounds on, like the sound for the solo to tie your mother down, does ne one know whether it'll only change my tone when i play the notes for the solo, or will it change everything i play to that tone?

2. ne-one know of a shop where i can buy one in england (has to be a real shop, not online, i wanna play with it first)
1. it will affect your tone whenever you have pedal on. no matter what you play.

2. no idea
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idk the second one. and it will change everything you play because it is a pedal. but you can turn it on and off so you can play the solo part then turn it off for the rest of the song.
Ah thanks, but i was more thinking, i could compose my own stuff, with like a pretty naff guitar, but have it sound like brian may's. id never turn it off! i might just order it off the internet. thanks for the advice guys
I tried it out through a 20 watt traynor tube amp, and it really screams. Lovely sound, and it has a knob which changes the type of pickup sound, so you can get a strat to sustain for days. It's a bit pricy tbh, and sounds best through the clean channel of a decent tube amp. I might hunt one down second hand in the near future, as I think it's a tad pricy for what it is.

Good luck.

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lol. that would be cool if the pedal turned on when you started playing the exact notes for the solo, but be reasonable here.