if you build one of those guitars with the neck and body one piece do you need a truss rod still and will a metal rod work as one?
Yes, and... It depends.

Some companies do use non-adjustable truss rods. It's also possible to make a neck without a truss rod, but you need to be very exacting with the wood and its' strength - USACG do them.

But, the industry standard is the adjustable truss rod, and it's easier to buy than make your own.
About $10 upwards.

Based entirely on StewMac...

A one-way adjustable truss rod will set you back $10.11
Whereas a non-adjustable truss road (basically a metal pole) will set you back $6.95

Compared to everything else you can spend money on in a guitar, it's worth it to get an adjustable truss rod, purely in terms of being able to set neck relief.
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Yeah using a truss rod is a good idea. You can make your own truss rods fairly easily, but it's cheaper to buy them.