Does it bother anyone else that virtually every song, chord progression, and riff has been made by someone somewhere else? I mean, most of the fun in music is making up your own music and something to call your own! But, when you think about it, everything has likely been done before, and therefore, the music you "create" is not completely your own. Maybe I make no sense, but it just makes me feel strange to think about it.

Your thoughts?
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I agree. There are so many musicians out there that its hard to be original.
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Maybe a part of a song you create. But, when you put all the layers together, it's unlikely anyone has created quite what you have.
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Omg, especially that iron man riff!!!11(exclamation point) I wicsh that i was aroiund in teh 60s, then i could make that rikfff!!!

Seriously, i barf at the lack of originality in some music. Goddamn pop,
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that youtube video was pretty funny!


i played chello too
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hahaha at youtube that video was great i think i pissed my pants
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