Last summer i stayed at my grandparents house and i told them i wanted a new guitar so we went to a bunch of pawn shops looking for guitars and i found a washburn PT60 V for $200......the guy who owned the shop didnt know anything about it.......does anyone know anything about this guitar (the tape thats on it was done by me...im a huge van halen fan)

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From the reviews it looks pretty good.

*edit* Never mind, I don't think they know what they're talking about. *quotes the "I play with a crate 15"*
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looks pretty good, umm, i can state the obvious for you, its got 2 humbuckers, they look like stock ones that were on the guitar when it was made, string through body design, 3 way switch... i can guess on what its made of, the body looks to be either basswood or alder, the neck is probably rosewood, maybe maple.... dunno if this helps you out or not dude but i tried to give you what i could basing it off the pic