hey, ive been playing for 4 months and im looking for some sort of songs to learn that are relativly easy, using power chords or reg. chords.

I like in terms of music:

90s rock
90s alternative
00s rock/alternative
popular 70s 80s(ACDC, G'n'R, etc.)

some come suggest some songs for me to learn. thanks.
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Smells like teen spirit- Nirvana
Polly- Nirvana
any blink-182 song lol
stacy's mom is relatively easy too... (fountains of wayne)

hope i helped.
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Down With the Sickness by Disturbed is the easiest song I know. The tabs on this site are mostly right, but none of them are completely correct. I'll finish my own tab for it if you want to play the song.
Why would you want to learn easy songs?
Shoot for the stars fool, it's the best way to learn
Angel of death - Slayer (Including solos)
Learning it was the best things I ever did to advance my playing.