hey ug'ers,
i am at that point in my progression as a musician where i feel stuck. I dont feel like i am getting better and i dont know what to do about it. i like to play alot of hardcore and stuff, but i know if i want to get better that this isnt really going to help me. ive been playing for about a year and half now, and i felt like up until recently, i was progressing quite nicely but it seems im stumped now. what can i do to take it to the next step? i know this is a question without alot of info, but i need some help.
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try to start to write your own stuff, even if its simple. it helps alot with progressing your skills and ear.

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Learn a new style of music like blues or jazz.
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Wasn't there going to be a sticky on these types of threads?

Learn something new, more theory, new genre, cool songs, jam with someone etc

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