Hi, i'm playing on a Crate Palomino 15 watt tube amp, and when i put the Big Muff on clean, it sounds pretty good. When i put it on over my amps distortion, it doesn't sound too hot. The distortion sounds actually less gritty, and very muddy when its on over my amps distortion. Any reason for this? I play on a strat by the way. Its a one chanel amp, and to really get it loud, you have to have some distortion on it. This is important, cause i've got a gig this saturday.


(Oh, and i've changed the battery).
its happening because your putting to types of distortion on... try taking your amps distortion down a little
is there any reason you need amp distortion and the muff? just pick one

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Well for some reason, my amp is louder when distortion is on. Is that just something to do with it being only one channel? I just turn up the distortion knob for more distortion. To be able to play at a louder volume, i'd have to have some distortion up. When its not, the amp is not as loud (for some reason).
Plus, what if i want to play on distortion, then go into a solo with the big muff?
on my amp, i keep the gain knob just underneath where it turns into dist. and you get a more atacking clean tone. and i have a muff which sounds good if you have the sustain up full and tone on about 5 or 6. If you wanna play a solo or woteva like you said then get a cheapo dist pedal(you can return it the next day ) and turn it all down to get a clean tone and turn it off to get amp dist. contact me on ma profile if you wanna ask more bout big muffs etc etc
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The cut-and-dry answer is that unless you're using an overdrive or boost pedal, most distortion pedals (including fuzz) will only sound good when played with the amp's clean channel.
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I have the same amp. It rocks

Don't see why you would need the amps overdrive and the big muff.

If you want clean put the gain low and the level high.
Than just use the muff. I dont see what the problem is.
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