Ok so my friend told me one thing and now i'm hearing different..
On my bass
Which is the thickest, and which is the thinnest..
please help

E is the thickest G is the thinnest.on a 5 string the extra low string is a B and if u get a 5 string with a extra high 1 its a C.
have you ever tried tuning it, you know, with a tuner, you know, the ones that tell you the note?
You get nothing! You lose! Good day sir!
Wow... this is one of the noobest questions ever.

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shut up to the last two assholes, that's what forums are for, for asking questions and recieving answers.. not from dick heads
i'd laugh if one day the kid who couldn't tell which string was the thickest ended up being famous and rich and you assholes didn't :P

good luck to you dude.
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if you notice any spelling mistakes, or grammar stuff, its cos i have tourettes syndrome and i cbf correcting it, cos that involves reading it over. so get the F*** over it.
There is no such thing as a stupid question.

Threadstarter, this site will give you a good insight to tuning..


Good luck with learning bass - it's the best thing in the world.