A pretty broad question, but how do ya'll write your songs...muscially not lyrically. It pisses me off becasue I listen to awesome music and think, ho come I can't write like that???

What d oyou guys do to write kick ass music?
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I honestly don't have any set method. But I will say that each one of my songs is the product of a whole lot of thinking and planning, and collectively a whole lot of mixing and matching of riffs with different songs, seeing what fits best where.

Really though, each one of my songs came into being differently...

im more of a lyricist than a good soloist... so i just find chord progs that i like and find interesting.. usually one that has a melody flowing through one of the strings.

then i start to hum a lil melody to the chords and then fit random words into the melody, just to give the word flow a sense of direction... then i find the first line of the lyrics that way and run with whatever idea comes outta that.

then, for the solos that i do write, i base the lead guitar around the melody of the lyrics, and use the closest scale that fits that to improv.
man u cant force good lyrics out of u, really great lyrics are a culmination of the way u want people to experience the music, the way u see the music and the world and whats inside ur soul, u have to sit back and think about ur song, dont get hung up on Jimi Hendrix's lyrical genius or the Beatles, for all u know u may write a song better than theirs but u have to put some poetry on paper first and see what ur style is like, hope ur pickin that up, good luck