ok im saving for one and will have it in the next couple weeks, with the GNETX3
you only get 128mb of ram so, can i upload mp3 or wav backing tracks on to it, the
if so how much time would i have?

also for all of you who have one is it worth paying double for the GNX4, when i already have a guitar usb interface, can i just run the gnx3 through that. i know the
4 has expandable memory but what other features exactly has it got over the 3 ??
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the gnx 3 only had 16 mb mem and its upgradable to 128 with a card you can buy anymore. Digitech sent me one for free in the mail though

The GNX4 is great for computer recording in general. if you play acoustic you can get a condenser and it has a built in 48v. it has an expended drum machine and if you have a guitar mag subscription you can download user presets for a bunch of songs

I was gonna get the GNX4 at a guitar center clearance but some stupid 12 yr old had his dad buy it for him while i went to go withdraw money...its probably sitting in his room collecting dust...
I've owned then GNX3 and if you already have an interface than there's no need to pay extra. The gnx3 is ver versatile so no need to pay twice as much for a couple new amp models and a usb connections.