ever been busted by ur parents while u were on drugs n they musta known 100 percent what u were upto. once me and a mate were downstairs at mine smokin cheebs n i thought mum n dad were out all night and we had a bong out and weed around n drinks too just kickin it. and i heard them come in upstairs so we started puttin everything into my mates bag, n we turned off the lights n opened my back door n n stood right outside so they couldn't see down from upstairs. we were gonna wait there til they sat down to watch tv or something. then mum starts coming down the stairs to do the usual turn off everything in my room, tv, computer, light in the toilet, anything she can. then for some reason she opens my back door, to me and my mate standing right outside the door, in silence, in the dark and says "hi *friends name*" he says hi, then she says are you going out somewhere, to which i reply "naa i didn't ask" .... she closed the door and walked off and i got accused and warned about drugs for the next year. enjoyed a similar experience (dunno wheth this has been done)
lol no but my manager at work knew i came in high as **** and he didnt mind,best manager you can ever have...
i was wit my freinds and we were smoking in his garage cus it was waaaay to cold out. so we finish up, and we go back inside to find his mom standing in front of the door. she says, "what are you guys doing", and my friend says,"we wer chopping wood." then she said , "so all yiou guys were chopping wood?" and my other freind started laughin hard. we went to the basement and ive been too scared to go back to his house since. and if this doesnt make sense, its beaciaese im crunked
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Well when they find you passed out on the couch with a small trash can and a bottle of water. It's safe to assume they knew what you did last night.
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Never been caught by my parents. Here's the easiest way to do it: Never bring anything into your house. You will inevitably be caught if you make a habit out of it.
I remember when i got caught...i went to the local avondale (convenience store) to call my dad and tell him i would be home late....cause i was way too high to go home and my parents would have noticed. so i walk in the store and theres my dad buying smokes and he sees me and brings me outside and says "SEAN...are you high" and i was like".....yea" and he was like..."ok come home....but dont tell your mom!
i was so lucky.
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I've never been "caught" because my parents know I do it. They've both smoked weed, and understand that teenagers enjoy experiencing new things, and they're absolutely fine with it. In my opinion, all parents should be understanding of subjects like this.

EDIT: Actually they're fine with it until drugs start taking over my life. But I never plan on that happening. I've been smoking weed for probably a year now, and I've never done it more than twice in a week. I usually do it once every 3 weeks or so.
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Never been directly caught, but its been implied that they know what's going on.

On a similar note, I used to own a bong. Then it magically vanished from my room (on a weekend that I didn't use it). Wonder where it went...
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I used to own a bong. Then it magically vanished from my room (on a weekend that I didn't use it). Wonder where it went...

Same thing happened to me ^... never heard a word from them though.

I agree with 'Arthur Curry'... Its waaaaay worse to be caught by your parents than by the 5-0.