firstly, hold your pick the 'right' way
like, between your thumb and the side of the last joint of your pointer finger
the tip should be perpendicular from the way your thumb's pointing
and make short wrist movements, not arm
and , yea
sorry if it doesnt help
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Practice. It was hard for me at first as well, but after a while you'll get it.
Many people play low E strings that aren't really a high enough gauge. Try increasing the thickness of the gauge.
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idunno i use a .60 mm pick and i learned just fine. just practice like the people before me said.
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My picks are either 3.0mm Big Stubbies or 1.9mm Clayton Black Jazz. My string gauge is 11 to 49, so I doubt that's the problem.

I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that I kind of anchor my palm against the lower strings when I pick lower ones... but obviously at the low E I've run out of strings. I can do it if I anchor the side of my thumb against the bridge though.

If I move my hand so that no part of it touches the guitar while picking, I can't pick worth shit anywhere. I got over anchoring my pinky on the pickguard, but now is resting the side of my palm against the strings another bad habit?
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Brace the palm of your hand on the bridge... trust me.
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Well are you using mainly your elbow or wrist? I have seen people tremolo pick both ways. I don't have a guitar in my hands so I can't tell you which way I do it. I know that I can go much faster on the low e string than any of the others...actually I can't even tremolo pick on the high e and b strings lol.
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i love big stubbies they are great for picking and you need to pick the correct way like the first guy said and lay the pick flat on the strings.
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Oh, and I do pick the correct way, as in how chickenfrmheck described it, and I use my wrist. Although, using my elbow helps with doing it on the low E string, but it makes it hard to transition from using my elbow to normal wrist picking. I guess I'll just rest my hand on the bridge for now.
It could also be the fact that, though you're holding it correctly, you could be having too much pick exposed. Try to have very little pick to use when tremolo picking. Less friction=faster, cleaner, and obviously smoother