hey so today durin church we goin into a worshipful mode during prayer and we were playin four basic chords D Am7 C G sooo i wanted to do some solos n stuff i added some stuff in but dint know much on wat to do. the bassist took the leads pretty much ha. so wat scales or key should i play in with those chords? thanks
its in g major/ d mixolydian kind of depending on what scale you solo in

id say g major

or em could sound cool but just listen for it
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d major or minor i would think, but im no expert, i feel around
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thats off the top of my head
so you can try, but its prolly wrong
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The key of G major is

G, Am, Bm, C, D, Em, F#m (or diminished)

Am7 is the same thing as Am in terms of different keys.
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D Mixolydian!!!!!!!
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G major. You can improv over it in G D mixolydian then swith to G major sometmes.
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