I need it too if anyone can help...
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if you really dont understand how to use your amp you should get a simpler one. seriously.

i would go with ac15 on about 1/4 gain with volume maxed
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I don't know about the AD30VT, but if it's anything like the AD60VTX, I use the Boutique Clean or the Black 4x10 (?) with the gain cranked high for a RHCP sound.
Can't stop the signal.
use the boutique clean, the EQ put on w/e u want as long as the mid is at 10, and put some reverb on
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Its really just a clean sound played on what sounds like the neck pickup (or at least thats what I'd call it if he played a Les Paul).

Reverb at about 50%, alot of mids.
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Neck pickup, a warm fat clean sound, mids high.
And for the fuzzy ending bit, Big Muff.
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