hey everyone
ive loved guitar my whole life
and i just started playing a week ago
each day is amazing
im like living my dream
i started playing chords
i realized alot of songs love the C, G, and D combo
its crazy
but anyway
im starting to get pretty familiar with G
but i cant seem to switch between multiple chords
the sound always cuts off and i dunno
can someone help me?
You just got to keep practicing switching between them, that's true the only way.

I suppose it might help if you consciously plan out where each of your fingers will move next, beforehand.
yep practice... slow down and build it up. or go fast and work on accuracy afterwards
Practice! Simple as that (If I could, i'd give you a more detailed response, but practice is all it really takes). Make sure all your strings are ringing clearly and make sure the placement is perfect.

Also, you might find it easier to switch from G to C and vice versa if you play your G with your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th fingers (middle, ring, pinky). In my opinion, out of those chords, C was the hardest to learn, so learning your G this way makes transition a lot easier than some other ways i've seen (like index, middle, and ring = the original way I learned a G) and it keeps your index finger available for some other chord variations.

Good luck.
thanks so much for the responses
yea i figure its practice
i just feel like its something that i WILL never get
but i reallly want to
when u switch between chords
do u lift your fingers up?
ae there combinations between chords that make simple
@manny21 - do u find it easier to do with certain combinations? or does it not matter?
Well, the combinations are never specific -- every song is different, so transition is something that will just naturally improve as you practice. Try not to lift your fingers too much either -- as you're about to switch, it's important to know where your fingers are going to go too.

One song you can try to learn is What I Got by Sublime. The whole song is just a D, G, D strum with a really simple solo that sounds pretty cool.
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i can switch between stuff like g and e minor
but switching like all the fingers is just so hard for me
i feel like im missing some technique to make it all easier
so not cool

and i totally <3 sublime
first song im tryin to learn
rivers of babylon
sooo not hard
but i love it
Em is really simple =P Switching from anything to an Em shouldn't be too hard; but just make sure everything is ringing clearly. Play every string one by one first, and then when you switch to the next chord, make sure everything is just as it should be. If not, work on the fingering until it's right.

Btw, how are you playing your G? I know you didn't specifically ask for help on the G or anything, but as I've been learning, I really found playing the G the way that I described before a lot more beneficial in transitioning to other chords like a C, G7, etc.
im playing G like:

6th: Third Fret: Middle Finger
5th: Second Fret: Index Finger
1st: Third Fret: Ring Finger

i didnt really understand the way u described

yea Em and G is so amazingly easy
G to C to D
so hard

thanks so much for the help
I know what I did when I first started practicing the open chords was get some like finger combinations down.. so like for instance a minor to c, all you have to do is keep your index finger and move the ring and middle up and over. So think of them as just manipulations of the same thing and not as totally different chords you have to reset.
thanks for the heads up
i mean
im pissed i waste a couple days loving the fingering 3
but i suppose
years from now over a couple days is priceless

just im not that good with my pinky compared to index finger

Look under the "first fret" section under chords
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thanks u all so much for the help
im having a lot of trouble hitting the g chord with these fingers
is that something that will come with practice?
is there anything i can do to help strength and coordination in my like ring and pinky?
Its basically just practicing. Slow it down to get fluid then speed it up as you get better. Glad to see your loving playing the guitar!
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it took you 15 consecutive hours of practice to realize that playing guitar makes you better at playing guitar. congratulations.

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oh i totally love guitar
alright ill try
i read this thing about muscle memory
like u keep ur fingers in the position for 20 seconds
then release a couple times
is that something u guys would advocate?
Dunno about that, just keep practicing it, ultimately you want to be able to hit the fingering quickly and from any other chord you happen to be playing - the G chord scared the crap out of me when I started playing too. You're going the right way about things though, open chords are a great workout for your hand - they loosen up the fongers and also build strength which will help you as you progress.
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thanks so much
im still trying
its still difficult especially cuz i switched
my ring and pinky finger apparently suck at coordination
i feel like ill never get it... but i hope i will
it'll take a few weeks for you to get used to it, it's normal - remember, nobody was born able to play the guitar.
Actually called Mark!

Quote by TNfootballfan62
People with a duck for their avatar always give good advice.

...it's a seagull

Quote by Dave_Mc
i wanna see a clip of a recto buying some groceries.

I picked up a gripmaster hand exerciser it really helps. I just started guitar last week and I'm 30, I needed the gripmaster to build up my fret hand because 2 years ago I severed 5 extensor tendons in my fretting forearm.

But yeah if you get one of those exercisers you can sit and watch tv and practice cords and scales on it becasue each finger has it's own independent tension spring.

no matter what you do keep with it!
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practice practice practice.
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so im actually pretty good in switchin chords now
thanks everyone so much

i have this instructional video thats kinda guiding me along however
it says that a technique to be used when switching chords fast (that are hard to switch through to)
is to quickly do an up stroke on an open fret while switching
i feel like its a beginner technique that gets dropped just because its not really right
do u guys recommend/do it?
thanks again so much
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