Obscure Danish prog/power/thrash band.

They're so freaking good, I don't why nobody know about them. They don't even have a US record label.
The intro to forever Carousel is ace. Cool band, the vocals sound a bit off at some parts though, may be just me though.

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Um... best band ever. 8 Deadly Sins is one of my favorite albums ever. Some of the catchiest music ever. EVER.
They're like one of my fave bands along with Symphony X (Symph X still pwns them though lol). Really talented guys.

Personally, I like their album Darkness with Tales to Tell the best. Some of the most orgasmic music is on that album. Just listen to the bass solo on The Twilight Shadow at around 2:50.

8 Deadly Sins is awesome too.

And the vocals make it really unique imo.
I like this band now. The singer reminds me of like...what you would imagine a teenage version of Warrel dane to sound like. And Forever Carousel (from about 00:51) sounds very much like This Godless Endeavor by Nevermore.