hey all. i dont know if im posting in wrong section im new. sorry if i am. i really want to learn how to play derby loves daphne - simple, starving to be safe. but i dont know how to do those Xs. like how u slap your strings after u play something. please teach me? and how to play. thanks for the help u guys (http://www.911tabs.com/link/?2249556)
i'd love to help, um not sure what you mean by after you play the note, i always thought it was before, but then again i dont know that much.

well any way i think you just hit the string realy, really hard. hope that helps.
yea. Xs are mute note bro. just rest part of your finger on the note, or run it up into the not if its above another fretted note. when its muted it wont make the open note noise, so thats called muted. its an x on the string for tab.

Try just slapping the strings over the soundhole. That might get you the clicking sound. What I do is I strum the strings I want to make the slapping sound while muting them with my strumming hand's palm. Just experiment a bit.

how would u play the 0h2? its hard palying it fast. any idea?
That's called a Hammer on. Basically instead of picking both the "0" (D) and the "2" (E) you pick once and drop your finger down on the 2nd fret.

By the way... Are you holding down the chord shapes or just fingering out the notes individually?
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i dont really get it. cus how do u hammer it on? dont u still play the 2 after D? like D then D2. but anyway i dont really get your question? what do u mean if i play by chords or fingering notes
i think i know what u mean. i sometiems hold tha chords down but i think i sometimes finger tha notes
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and is it okay if i leave my capo on for a long time?

I spose there is nothing wrong with this, but certain ones made of rubber for instance probably wear out, so you most likely want to take it off after playing so it doesn't develope grooves or what not.

As for Xs in tableture, that usually refers to muted strings, which are simply notes that are not suppose to ring out. Sometimes you have to get creative with your fingers in order to have one purposely mute a string or note.