hey y'all!

um a bit of a newbie here. um i've just recently started to get back into my guitar. it's and acoustic, but i desperatley want an electric. mum wont get me one until i prove that it will be used (fair enough) but i would really like to know some songs i could play on it and practise that sond friggin awsome on acoustic. um i like green day, fall out boy, the used, arctic monkeys, the killers, my chemical romance, so if you could kinda give me songs in that genre (sp?) that would be great!

already got.
time of your life - green day
boulevard of broken dreams - " "
love will tear us apart - fall out boy version
my heart is the worst kind of weapon - fall out boy
(man that is a doozy of a song to try and play)

well thanks. help much appreciated!

zoe xo
Arrrrghhh i had to highlight all of that so that ti had a nice blue background before i even realised there was writing there (i accidentally highlighted) lol.

If you wanna try impress your mum learn a song that she likes or something from her time.
Or just learn Classical Gas. That impresses most people. It's hard at first, but you just need to follow the chord shapes
thanks! much aprreciated. lol and sorry, the eyetest is on me.
LMFAO yea I highlighted. Currently trying to read it without the highlights. And Classical Gas is a good choice.
its a shame ur a beginner cause if you learned some Clapton, then that'd pretty much guarantee you an electric.


Play until she breaks up with you.

The most brutal band to ever exist is...

You should go like them...even if you don't like them.

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try dead or alive by bon jovi, it is an awesome song

Bon Jovi?? I thought I needed my eyes tested that someone said a bon jovi song is awesome.