Just curious any forum before that I've mentioned them I've got flamed a lot with people telling me how sucky they are but never any reasoning behind... personally I find them amazing, but that's just me.
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Amen. I guess a lot of people are just annoyed at Angela's vocals. I think they sound cool. But mostly I listen to them for their guitars.
probably because they've accomplished more in their lives than the people flaming them ever will. I've heard people saying how much Sidney Crosby sucks at hockey, but its obvious he doesn't. the band must be good if they've got such a good fan base.
Well an also a lot of their old fans stopped liking them after they kicked their old frontman out.
I like the newer stuff, Johan's vocals were uninteresting.
And ****, I get it that I oughta use the search bar jeez. This is like the tenth friggen time I've been "Reported." today. This place is so goddamn tight I could post some dirt in here and in about a week I'd have diamonds. -.- had to pull the ferris beuler quote there
simple answer because the the new frontman isnt a man mostly
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Don't like the vocals... I try to listen to the guitars but can't stand that type of "singing."

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because their fans dont know how to post in existing threads already
plus everything they wrote with johan pwns anything written with angela, and she openly admitted to writing mainstream friendly crap to sell more on their forum a few years ago
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