Hey Just wondering peoples oppinions of the behringer foot pedals range..
i looking to buy an ultra distortion....its very cheap, but is it good quality?
any other good behringer foot pedals to recomend?
There good but try everything till you find wat you want
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the delay is good with a behringer power supply and the eq is good im not to sure bout the distortions...they are alright for the price
Just remember that you get what you pay for.

The sound quality itself isnt too bad actually, for the Ultra Distortion anyways. Its made of plastic, so dont expect it to last long if you like really 'stomp' your stompboxes.

Also, theyre fairly noisy. Both when the pedal is activated and when its bypassed. The bypass on Behringer pedals is horrible. They suck a lot of tone and make a lot of unwanted background noise (hiss, buzz..etc.). If youre big on quiet pedals that dont suck tone...I would skip Behringer.
it's not really that good quality. But it's made for beginning musicians as an affordable way to build their own sounds.
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behringer pedals are good... not all of them are great though. I have the chorus, tube drive and delay, and they're sweeeeet for the price.

of course they aren't TOP grade, but for the price they're good.
They are trash worthy. I bought a phase shifter and it was the biggest waste of 20 bucks ever. It was fun to mess with it FOR 2 DAYS until i realised theres no where to apply it.
At my shop they are like 40$ for 3 of them.
I have never played a Behringer product that I've liked.
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You get what you pay for.

'nuff said in this case. generally speaking
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You get what you pay for.

'nuff said in this case. generally speaking

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Well the EQ is pretty good and the blues overdrive BO100 is ok if you fiddle with it for a bit......i hear good things about the ultradistortion too. If you do get one make sure you've got a decent noise gate cos theyre pretty noisy pedals.
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I use the overdrive distorion pedal direct into my recording gear to get a really digital Nine Inch Nails type sound. Sounds pretty good / digital.

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