hey, I got my newest issue of guitar one in the mail and I was looking through it, and I got to the tabs section and they had a Django Reinahrdt song (tiger rag). So I listen to the song and try and play along with it, anyways, everything seemed way off, wrong chords, the licks didn't sound similar at all, they don't make any notation of tunings, so I was wondering...
how credible are the tabs in guitar magazines? I figured they'd probably have to be right and everything, but anyone else have problems with it?
I dunno about Guitar One, but Guitar World's tabs are always perfect(probably cuz the actual bands tab the songs out and show you how to play them).

Also, Monster Magnet kicks ass.
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alright, yeah, I'm canceling my g1 subscription for a guitar world soon anyways
and I'm glad to see a person on UG recognize Monster Magnet's greatness
I"m thinking of subscribing to a guitar magazine, any reccomendations? I mostly play metal if that is of relevence.

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I"m thinking of subscribing to a guitar magazine, any reccomendations? I mostly play metal if that is of relevence.

It's hard to find an honest guitar mag these days, most of them just jump on the latest music fad (currently metalcore), but I still do enjoy Guitar World. The huge Chuck Schulidiner article last month was excellent.

There are a few metal guitar mags out there (most of them imported from Europe, lol) but they're mainly just tab (and any of the songs you could find here) and very little "meat".
Guitar World is the shit! never seen a mistake in there
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I think Guitar Techniques is a good magazine, they have a good variety of stuff in there.
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