To practice with medium sized picks and then actually play/perform with small picks?

I just played with both sized picks and I noticed that I am much faster and more swift when using a smaller pick.

Do you think it's because of the transition (medium first, small second)?
why not always with small picks

and switch between medium and small isn't hard I think
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I'd just suggest playing with smalls if thats what you want to do. Personally, I play better with smalls.
I know I play better with smalls. It just seems that it helped me once when I played with a medium first, then switched to the small.

I dunno, maybe it would help me out like say with learning to shoot hoops with a bigger ball would make it easier to make shots with a smaller ball...I have no idea, I just found it weird that it seemed to work for me...
i would practice with whatever is the most comfortable that you do best with. and subsequently i would play live with the same type of pick.
I started using hard picks (the dunlop ones) after my 3rd year of playing. I crack medium ones like nothing, completely shred em.