im thinking of changing my strings from .9s to .10s. i wanted to know if i had to do any adjusting or anthing after i put them on cos its not that big a change also would it improve my tone by making it sound more full, and would it make the strings not bend as easy eg. more tension more like an acoustic. thx
you shouldn't have to change any thing on your guitar if you just switching from 9's to 10's, unless your guitar has a whammy bar. it will help your tone, but tone also depends on the type of strings you put on. and the 10's won't bend as easy, but you won't be able to tell a huge difference. it might take a few hours of playing to get used to them.
yer i got a fender strat btw. yer i want to try and get that feel of the tension and strength of the strings on an acoustic and get a bit of that on my electric so it doesnt fell as elasticy. what sort of guage do u thing i could get to b4 i have to adjust something?
well if you have a whammy bar you gonna have to ajust it no matter how much you change the string guage.
It shouldn't hurt to put .11s on
Meh, I don't really have to worry, the shop I got my guitar from gives you free checkups of your guitar and stuff, so thats cool.

Also, Adjusting the action shouldnt be too much difficulty on a Strat, just make sure you don't get 13s or soemthing, cos you'll probably need to adjust the neck for that or something.
ok but ill still ask at the guitar shop b4 i buy them as i just used my free setup on getting the action ajusted, but i still get some fret buzz i seem to think that the 9s are to elasticy and thats whats causing it. also it just dosent fell right.

can i get any1 elses opinion on my string guage?
hi there. my guitr came with 0.10's. i loved their sound, but onee broke so i had to change it. i decided to try a 0.9. they sound to clean for me - i dont blame you for wanting 0.10's
im currently using D"Addario XL nickel wound super light guage 9s whats the difference between a super light guage, light guage and heavy i wanna try and get something that feels more like an acoustic without having to get anything adjusted