Hey UG , I decided I want to change the pickguard in my P-bass special to black and I heard rumours from somewhere , not sure where, that standard p-bass pickguards don't directly fit into a squier (however it will fit into like normal fender p-bass).

I would like to ask all UG bassplayers if they have had an experience of changing their pickguards.

Thank you in Advance.
you'll have a really really hard time finding a pick guard which fits into your bass with teh right screwholes. because differen't factoriesput the screws into different places. just do what i did, either make your own, or what my mate did, buy a scratch plate and just screw it into your bass anyway. some might say it'll ruin the tone of your bass. but i couldn;t tell a difference. just dont go nuts putting holes into your bass.
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Why don't you paint your original pick guard? Just grab some Plastic paint for $5 and spray a good coat on. Let it dry and do another one and then possibly another one. I only did one and while it has held up good I think two would have been a better idea
^ Same, just paint your old pick guard. You can get closes to what you actually want if you do it yourself, and you don't have to worry about it not fitting correctly. Just make sure you do it to quality, else it'll look crap.
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Buy an american p-bass pickguard. It'll fit perfectly. Screw joles, pickup holes, pot holes will match up perfectly. I have an old Squier from the 80's and I just bought an american pickguard for it and it fits perfectly.
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Wait, so you buy plastic paint...paint it on...than spray paint it with good quality spray paint, and then do another coating several minutes or hours later? Sounds like a plan I've already tried taking out my pickguard..basically all you need to do is take off all the knobs...carefully unscrew the 13 holes and last of all carefully take it out?

thanks yet again and appreciating more comments
Yeah remember to make sure to take off your pick guard Oh and you can use either plastic then regular or just plastic. Preferably just the plastic stuff because it's made especially made for plastic like lawn chairs and like the pick guard. Do one coat wait 30 minutes to an hour then do another one. Then maybe another one the next day. I only did one and some of it is starting to come off but if you do a couple it should be better. My friend did it with just regular spray paint and it looks like ass so I would definitely say go with the plastic stuff.