Went away this weekend and at the place i was at there was a hall with a stage and my mates uncle had his gear their. He had a massive rig of fx pedals, wah wahs, kill switch, multifx pedal and someother stuff ill never understand. Me and my mate tried some different combinations which we would be able to afford. The multi fx which i have had before but wasnt serious about guitar then and got rid of it. I want one now to put with my Arion heavy metal pedal. I have looked at the Zoom g2, RP50 Digitech and basicaly anything under 70 pounds.

What would you suggest.

Oh yeh, i like heavy metal music such as COB, Judas preist, black sabbath and shred, malmsteen, steve vai, rusty cooley, petrucci, and also a hole lot of other things but the above sounds are most important to me. Also being able to create my own sounds would be very cool.
um the rp50 is good value for the money but the rp80 offers the expression pedel aswell, but i really recomend the boss me 50 if you are willing to spend the cash.
also behringer make a multi fx stomp box that isnt to bad either.
The g2 is alright, i own a G2.1u myself, the best feature of it is the USB-interface, so you can record directly onto your comp. (I think that's just the g2.1u, not the g2)
Sigs are overrated.
i'd say the g2 or an rp80. But if i were you, i'd go for an analog pedal now and save up for more later. The tone of an analog pedal is well worth it.
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