Like anybody's gonna respond.. But anyway.. Anybody for a guitarist? I'm rotting away here in UP Diliman.. Nasa Legazpi banda ko.. Just looking for some guys to do some side projects and stuff..
^ You're in California though.

What kind of material do you play?

Incoherent - yes.
Without meaning - I'm afraid not.

"Known some call is air am."
Which is to say-

"I am not what I used to be"
Well.. I'm into psychadelic and hard rock. My soloing is pretty bluesy, been listening to way too many Clapton solos. Not really into all the nu-metal going on right now, I've always liked my metal purist, early-Metallica thrash. I also enjoy the occasional acoustic gig, I used to perform tons of acoustic covers at coffee shops and bars back at home. Helps get some cash, since performing is the only job I can pull off without getting into trouble with employers. I'm from Legazpi City, but I'm here in Manila right now.
Well i'm in Ireland right now...so screw it..anyway i'm into Heavy/Alternative/Prg/Punk metal right now...but mostly i play Steve Vai's songs such as Die To Live(best), whispering a prayer,Bad Horsie,Somewhere over the rainbow and etc....Trivium comes next and BFMV....I hardly listen to our own songs cuz i don't know much anymore..it's been 2 years since i went back...I only heard Hale and Cueshe and Bamboo...i still know Eheads and Rivermaya..so yeah...One more thing...Can u guys talk in out language for christ sake...Magsalita kayo ma nga ungas!
Music is...a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy
Talaga? Well.. consider yourself lucky. Ang pathetic ng pinoy music scene ngaun. Mainstream ung mga "pogi rock.." wala nang nakakaappreciate ng totoong music. So far, yung mga may narerelease lang na matinong music yung mga spillover ng last decade.. Parokya, Rivermaya, Sandwich.. Mga nung 90's pa na nagcontinue hangang ngaun. Meron rin konting OK.. Urbandub, reggae/rock na may metal influence. Yung banda ni Eli Buendia ung "Pupil" hay nako. Malayong malayo sa Eraserheads. Masyadong commercialized. Pati Sugarfree. Mga sellout para sa pera.
Hey! Nephi! Nephi Malit? You're the lead guitarist for "Red Winter" right? You fronted for Rivermaya last year i think.. Right? I was right.. You WERE a high school student back then.. I knew you didn't look any older than 16 to me. You were a little shorter than you bandmates. Like your music.
Yup, I think that was us. I don't remember what we played back then.. So, taga san ka?
Is there any chance that someone is going to reply? I think I'ma gonna cry..