Well i was wondering how do u get Mark wilsons (Jet) tone. I was wondering how u get his tone on tracks like are you gonna be my gril. I heard he uses overdive on this track but im not sure. Any ideas?
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The Laney. you can connect a cab without disconnecting the internet (on mine at least)

An overdriven P bass will do it. I'm pretty sure he uses some sort of Ampeg SVT as well, standard bass equipment.
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he used a Epiphone Jack Cassady bass, im sure he used several different basses in the studio too. i think the p-bass will work but you need something that is going to sound like a tube amp and you need dead roundowunds or even flats for this
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On your bass amp, boost your bass to a 100%, mids at 75%, and treble at 50%. I'm not sure there's overdrive on the bass tone in that song, if there is boost your EQ a bit further and it would give you an overdrive feel.