I've been playing for about two years now and I got the AD30 a few months back, I've heard great stuff about it but I'm really disappointed. I mostly play the Chilis' funk and new stuff, blues and eventually Hendrix. I think I sound ok unplugged but when I play with I just get pissed and turn it off so I've just reverted to barely using it. Is it just my playing thats bad or was anyone else disappointed with it?

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maybe you just need to find a tone that suits you?
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Is there any other amp in the price range better for my style? I'd be willing to go about E350

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Maybe you could keep the AD30 and pick up a EVJ and a few pedals to go with it.
Yo dude, the AD30 isnt that bad, you just have to tweak it. Id save your money for a tube amp and just find a setting you enjoy on the 30.
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I have the ad 50 its pretty good if it sounds crap its probably cause your setting it to crap tone settings I just found a few things I liked and ignored the rest a lot of amp types i wouldnt use at all like nu metal and stuff on ad 50 i just used the boutique cl, boutique od and ac 30s mainly
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for tones to begin somewhere check out www.Valvetronix.net for some ideas mabye.

I can get some good Chilies tones out of the amp I use an AD50

But as before I think you can achieve what you want will mabye a few pedals spending less money than buying a new amp.
I have the ad50 and I'm into, pretty much the same music you are. If you're having trouble with settings I'd be happy to help you out. For the chili's, I use the "US high gain" setting with almost no gain, volume all the way up, and treble all the way up. Go easy on the mid and the bass. For more-gain stuff, I use the UK modern setting. It's a great amp. You just have to learn how to get great sounds I guess.