OK tomorrow we're getting our first family cat and we had a question that i think a few UGers could help with:

Does a cat always have to use a litter tray or does it excrete outside after a while of litter training?

Post your views and say what you did with your cat if you had one.

Well, it depends on wheter or not ur cat is an indoor, outdoor, or both cat. Indoors, yes you definitely have to have a litter box, outdoor u odnt really need one unless its gona come indoors to, mixked get a litter box
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It should naturally excrete outside. Litter training is only necessary (sp?) if you don't have a garden/outside space, or do not wish for your cat to excrete outside.
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Well its good to teach them to go in the litter box but teach them out side so that they dont make a mess,but if the cat ends up being an outdoor cat(like mine) itll just go outside.
Does anyone have any advice of how to 'wean' it off the litter tray so it excretes outside?
personally, my cat runs to my nans house to have a poo.I guess he feels more comfortable in an environment where even humans crap everywhere.
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Does anyone have any advice of how to 'wean' it off the litter tray so it excretes outside?

Put the tray outside.
You can't really do that.... cats are difficult to train as they will fool you into thinking you've trained them then crap in your bed. Most cats will express need to go outside (or just go outside if you have a cat flap) for privacy reasons so trying to make them do this shouldn't be a problem. you could try emptying some of the used litter into the garden to give the cat a bit of a clue.