Ok, lots of things that I read on hear talk about intros, outros, bridges, verses, and stuff like that. The only one that I really know is the intro, so is there a lesson somewhere on UG about it, or if any of you could tell me? I felt like a real idiot when my friend was talking about the order of the parts and I had no idea what they were. Thanks.

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Commonly a song will go

Chorus x2

Or at least the way I think a standard song goes

The verse tends to be the same musical part twice with different lyrics
The chorus is the catchy part which tends to have repeated lyrics
The bridge tends to be the buildup to the final chorus

I apologise if this is completly wrong, anyone feel free to correct me
pretty much true.

verses tend to be very specific, chorus vague and catchy.

bridge is emotional and climacitic.

intros and outros are basically what the names imply. beginning and end of a song or certain part of a song.
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eh, i wouldn't say there is really a definite answer, although, merriam webster or wiki will give you a really good idea, typically though (not always true) there is the

intro (if there is an intro)
verse - as somebody said, generally the lyrics are different each time around, but some ratm songs had a repetitive verse, some other bands do this as well
chorus - the part everyone wants to sing along to
bridge - generally a change up in the middle part of a song, there are different kinds of bridges, it might be a breakdown, a stacatto piece, just generally something to change the song up, it may or may not have lyrics, a song may have more than one of these
fills - this is a part that generally does not have lyrics and is just a musical passage , a song may have more than one of these

the problem with definitions like this is that bands like dream theater will often go a whole song and never repeat the same progression, but listening to a song its usually fairly easy to identify what section of the song is being played. even bands like breaking benjamin will use multiple fills and bridges .....
^good description.

Here is a related question (sorry to hijack the thread). I have created a tune which would sound good as a verse, but I can't for the life of me figure how to lead it to another tune which i think would sound good as a chorus. Both are in the same key and using similar chords.

Anyone else ever had this problem?
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