Some time ago I finished putting together a Frankenstein RG. It was an expensive project and have always wondered how much people would be willing to pay for a guitar like that. I ask you to be honest. The guitar isn't for sale, I'm just curious.

RG 570 body with AAAAA flamed maple top
RG 1620 Prestige neck
Original Floyd Rose
Dimarzio Evolution (Bridge)
Dimarzio Chopper (Middle)
Seymour Duncan Jazz (Neck)
Schaller Strap Locks
Ibanez UVC1000 Case

The guitar has also been professionally wired and set up. There is a five way switch with normal settings, and a coil split for the neck pickup.
sounds nice. I would possibly pay you 1000 dollars, even without the new pickups. maybe 1400 with pickups. I'd call that fair, the FR adds a cool 350 to my price.
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I wonder how you'd go about having something like that valued, like if you wanted to insure it.
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