I think I just died a little....
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you are indeed mr. awesome.

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eckmann88 you sir are a god.

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Oh, you're so damn shallow, eckmann88. They have nice boobs, don't they?

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good job eckman, seriously, that last one alone would give me an eternal erection!

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Someone had to be taking the piss dont you think?

my ears were bleeding afterword


And I doubt they were

If that happens when you listen to things I would advise going to the hospital
For these things give thanks at nightfall:The day gone, a guttered torch,A sword tested, the troth of a maid,Ice crossed, ale drunk.-The Hávamál

What's with all the laughing at shit bands today? There's been this, the band covering Trivium, and that one about Strokin'.....

Ah well, it's bloody hilarious, and makes me feel better about my musical skills when compared to some of these people
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Race you for it...


*does a barrel roll*

Haha bitch. Take that!
I would buy this, but then again I like the Fred Durst guitar 'solo'.
ive seen this hundreds of times before, and still love it! If they released that version, it would sell so people could laugh at it.

"Just wait till tomorrow
I guess that's what they all say
Just before they fall apart"
I don't want to believe that is true. No person with any sense would post that on the internet.
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