yeah so i just got some videos of mad solos and i put them into a video playlist for my ipod, but when im playing them on my ipod it doesnt continuously play through it just keeps repeating the one video, and when i turn off repeat in the menu, it just stops after one video and goes back to the menu. is there anyway that i can make it so it just continues through all my videos?
no, just going back to the menu is the only way. unless you compile all the videos into 1.
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how would i do that, any program suggestions? would windows movie maker work?
ok never mind...they are mp4 files, which do not work in windows media player..so anyone know of any programs that i can compile mp4 videos with?
Try Mpeg Streamclip, although you may have to pay for it and i'm not sure if you can join different files as well as just editing files.
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