I want to know how you tell what year your guitar was made in. Because apparently Fender gave a huge upgrade to the teles in 06. I got my Highway 1 telecaster in january of 07 so its probably an 06 but i just wanna know how to make sure. Ive looked at pictures of 05s and 06s and they both look exactly like mine. IS their a way i can tell by looking at my guitar?
im not exactly sure about this but if you take your neck off there should be a date.
i think there is a thing on fenders website where you type in the serial number (back of the headstock) into the site, and they give you results.
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the serial # usually has the date scripted into the serial # itself. Usually the last two digits, or the first two.
If it's made in 06, it probably has a little silver diamond thing at the back of the head.
thanx guys. Its probably an 06 cuz i jsut found the little diamond thing concealed in the back of the headstock.