I bought gibson strings and put them on my fender and its definetly different sounding.But can i break them in and get my guitar to sound like a fender again?Or do you have to keep that brand strings on the guitar Thanks for any input in advance
are you being sarcastic?

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Ummmm.... You can buy any brand of strings you want... lol... I don't really know what to say to your question...

Fender strings don't make a guitar sound like a "Fender"...

All strings sound "Bright" when they are new, and depending on the quality, some will stay brighter longer than other string brands...

No, you don't have to buy Fender strings for your guitar, and honestly, hate to break it to you, but Fender strings don't make your guitar sound like a Fender.
I probably could have said that differently.Gibson strings arent going to make my guitar sound any different?They will be worn in and it will sound the same again?
just buy some ernie balls.
problem solved
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If you can get them
try rotosound strings
after years of playing their deffinately the best ive found
Quote by sashki
When you get new, fresh strings, they still sound brighter unplugged. But they won't make your guitar sound any different. Strings are strings. That's it.

They do make your guitar sound different when plugged in when they're new.. If they didn't people wouldn't buy new strings unless their old ones broke. Strings wear and get dirty, so they eventually start to sound muddy.
Its not like you were changing a dogs food.
You can use any brand.
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